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Call 020 8545 9660
Call 020 8545 9660

Want impartial advise on upgrades vs buying new equipment ?

Equipment Upgrades

Improve your green credentials and save money.
All too often we go to sites and are told that other companies are proposing the replacement of perfectly good systems. We believe in working with the systems you have and will only advise replacement when a system has reached the end of its economic life or replacing them provides an overwhelming benefit.

Most users have very simple needs; internet, email and written documents. Simple system upgrades mean that 5 years life of a desktop should be standard.

Our upgrade service features:

  • All Microsoft Operating Systems and most of their Application Software
  • Memory & Hard Drive Upgrades where economically viable
  • Our partners repair and maintain printers

What can be upgraded?

  • Computer memory.  Modern software consumes lots of memory when running. If your PCs are working slowly then we can often simply add additional memory
  • Hard disk drives.  Instant impressive speed gains can be had by replacing your existing standard hard drive with an Solid State Drive (SSD).  Larger capacity drives can also be added to increase storage space for files and documents

Upgrade possibilities are identified on a case by case basis.  Many modern systems remove the ability to upgrade, making future proofing only possible at point of original purchase.  We can advise you if it is possible to upgrade and whether it makes economic sense to do so. Contact us now for advice or a quote.