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Call 020 8545 9660

Can you guarantee you’ll never lose an email?

Hosted Email

Abbey Support provides a high-spec hosted email solution without technical and financial outlay.

Hosted email effectively puts an email server between you and the outside world which controls your email and gives you peace of mind that should your system fail you can still get your emails.

For example using a hosted Exchange server as the email server and Microsoft Outlook as your client, your employees can do more than send and receive email – they can share calendars, folders and contacts. With our archiving option, you can monitor e-mail messaging organisation wide and easily recover lost or deleted messages that have passed through the system.

Our hosted email solutions offer options to ensure you meet all regulatory and compliance criteria.

Microsoft Outlook is available for desktop, browser and mobile access so you’re always connected, whether you’re in the office, travelling, or working at home. And since you always connect to the same hosted Exchange server, your inbox stays synchronised, no matter which Outlook client you’re using. The benefits of hosted email include:

Access your hosted email via PocketPCs, Smartphones and other mobile devices. Pick up your email from home, a client site or anywhere with an internet connection. These mobile email services are provided by a hosted Exchange server.

Built-in spam protection and easy backup and archiving of business information.

The ability to share diaries, address details and other business information.

Why choose hosted email from Abbey Support Solution over an in-house system?
  • Redundant hosted Exchange servers, internet links and failover
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • 6 Gigabyte standard mailbox size to cope with heavy users
  • All mail is automatically screened for spam and viruses – another benefit of hosted email

ALL from £8 per user per month (10+ users)

Additional Integrated Hosted Email Solutions


Hosted Secure Messaging checks every sent email for specific words/format/phrases, which then prevents sensitive information from traversing the internet in clear text. All outbound email is secure from end to end!


Hosted Email Archiving (powered by Global Relay) allows you to archive all inbound and outbound email to two off-site locations. This also helps your organisation reach compliancy such as HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and much more!


Hosted GoodLink keeps your mobile device in synch with your mailbox in real time!


Hosted BerrySync allows your BlackBerry device to be synchronised with your mailbox in real-time! You can even use BerrySync with your in-house Exchange server!


Hosted Microsoft SharePoint provides a centralised location for all of your documents, calendars, and other files for your team to access from any web browser…and there is even a seamless Microsoft Outlook connector!


Hosted Zimbra service is an innovative, secure, and feature rich collaboration suite that allows your team to work from any computer with a web browser and share Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Email and Notes.


Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your organisation a central repository for all of your Accounts and Contact information, and the ability to communicate with your internal and external customers quickly and easily.


Hosted Microsoft Exchange service provides your organisation with Enterprise Class tools that let you check your Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Email, and Notes from anywhere any time…and collaborate as a team. A hosted Exchange server is now an essential business tool.