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Call 020 8545 9660
Call 020 8545 9660

Are you ready if disaster strikes your data?


Full protection against power surge, lightning, floods, theft and equipment failure.

Loss of data can be devastating and recovery is not always possible. If you make regular backup copies and keep them in a separate location it’s far easier to restore than to attempt to find your data on a crashed hard drive.

"Abbey Support’s service and support is excellent and the members of the team are always willing to help and address problems as quickly as possible."
Special Treats Company Ltd

Off-Site Backup Service

The Abbey Support backup system and server has been developed in house and offers a fully secure and cost effective option for ADSL users.

How it’s done
Abbey Support creates a connection at night to transfer a complete backup of your server files to our redundant array server. Individual or multiple files can be retrieved from the backup as required.

Security features
All files are encrypted to prevent casual interception of data.

Installation in less than one hour
The installation of this service requires a number of site-specific scripts to be installed on your server that only takes an hour.

Hot Standby Server – available 24/7, 365 days of the year

If your business is involved in order processing or down time is critical, even for an hour, then having a standby server could be the answer. For a low investment we provide a replacement server, available 365 days a year.