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Call 020 8545 9660
Call 020 8545 9660

Looking for reliability for your IT support?

Flexible IT Support

We are committed to offering high-quality flexible IT service and support to our clients.

We aim to:

  • Resolve 80% of problems in 60 minutes or less
  • Put the right engineer on the right task
  • Utilise our knowledge of different businesses we have built up over 18 years
  • Encourage clients to give feedback so we can improve our service
  • Identify training needs, ways to increase productivity and ways to minimise your ongoing support costs.

Onsite IT Support
Onsite IT support plays an important role in us helping your staff understand and take full advantage of the complex systems that surround them. Our significant investment in training means this support is given by high-quality, experienced engineers, accredited by all the leading manufacturers. This level of personal interaction ensures we can provide dedicated support rather than being faceless subcontractors.

For more information on our flexible IT Support packages click here.

Remote IT Support
When you need a quick response, our Remote IT Support allows the engineers to get on with the job fast. Whether you need general support or fault diagnosis it is achieved with minimal interference to you. For more information on our packages click here.

Full Audit Trail
With data security foremost in the minds of our clients we use an advanced recording and play back tool. This system is widely used in the Banking Sector and allows for a FULL AUDIT TRAIL.

Other Areas of IT Support

Patch Management 
All onsite support visits include an inspection of software to ensure you are running the latest versions.

Holiday Cover
If you have the need for paternity or maternity cover, holiday or long term sickness, we offer competitive rates to maintain the level of support your team and business require. It’s another example of the flexibility of our IT support services.

Out of Hours 
Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours available. Your IT teams might work fixed hours, or have their time consumed by special projects, bidding processes or perhaps travelling overseas. If you need to extend the length of the working day we can give you that extra bit of cover.

Need extra specialist experience
It can be frustrating when an IT company can’t fix your problem and often you just need some fresh eyes and expertise.  Let Abbey Support take a look and offer a different perspective.

Systems Upgrade 
It is a very stressful time when you move to a new operating platform, especially if you have never done it before. With years of experience behind us we can help you plan and give you the resources to make the transition as easy and risk free as possible.

Improve your systems
We have a vast range of Board level experience across a number of strategic areas:

  • Disaster Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Audits
  • New System Evaluation

For more information on Abbey Support’s flexible IT support services contact us now