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Scalable effective cloud services to enhance your business.

Cloud Services

Businesses no longer have to rely on ‘on-premise’ solutions for their IT infrastructure.  An abundance of  hosted services mean any business can now take advantage of the economies and scalability of the cloud.

Abbey Support know that cloud hosted services can be confusing.  There are so many choices available for email, storage, file sharing, anti virus and anti-spam that it can be daunting to know how your company can benefit.

This is where Abbey Support can really help, recommend the right solution for your business.  Some companies will be able to move all their services to the cloud and shed the burden of in-house systems, whilst with others a hybrid approach may work best.  We can advise where you could take advantage of the cloud to reduce overheads and increase efficiency.

Abbey Support are highly skilled in a number of the worlds leading cloud products.  To highlight a few here are some common examples of what we can implement & support.

Microsoft 365
Full enterprise class email, file storage and sharing, encryption, Office Suites and much more.  The Microsoft 365 solution offers companies of all size to take advantage of having a full Microsoft server backbone with none of the hardware or large cost overheads.
  • Exchange Email – gone are the days where you need to spend thousands of pounds on an in-house excahnge server.  From as little as £3.60 per month per user your company can enjoy the benefits of a full Microsoft Exchange email system with no hardware infrastructure costs.  Seamlessly sync your emails across all your devices and securely access your email from anywhere around the world at anytime.
  • Full Calendar Integration – Along with Exchange Email you also benefit with a seamless calendar integration, with the ability to have shared calendars and grant access to team members as you need.
  • Office 365 Suite – Always have the latest Office software on your devices. Includes Outlook, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint across both Windows and Apple Mac devises.  Windows users can also use Access & Publisher.  Each account can install office on up to 5 devices, so you can be sure your desktop & laptop is catered for.
  • Sharepoint File Storage & Sharing – Secure, scalable, file storage and sharing.  Grant & limit access to files as you would with an in-house server, share files internally, collaborate with colleagues and share files externally if required.
  • Online Video Meetings & Chat – Harness the power of Microsoft Teams.  Have team chats online, host online meetings, share files and thoughts all from a single application.

The Microsoft 365 platform can also easily be used in addition to your current IT provision in a hybrid (partially in-house/cloud) solution, giving you the benefits of both worlds

Contact Abbey Support today to discuss how we can bring the power of Microsoft with low capex to your business.


The Google collaboration powerhouse G-Suite can be an alternative choice for clients who need instant collaboration tools at their fingertips.  Move away from desktop applications and harness the power of Google Docs, Sheets, Forms & Slides.  Utilise Gmail for email and calendar and Google Drive shares for document collaboration.  The G-Suite is a powerful tool for companies who live online.


Cloud Managed Anti-Virus
Abbey Support work with some of the leading AntiVirus vendors to provide cloud licencing, deployment and management of traditional Anti-Virus provision for both Windows and Apple environments.  We can suggest and implement the most appropriate vendor for your business needs such as Sophos, Panda, BitDefender & AVG.


Cloud Backup
Abbey Support offer a number of scalable cloud backup solutions which can be tailored to suit your business.  We offer both 3rd party partner backup solutions as well as our own cloud solutions to ensure your data is safe in the event of disaster.  As every backup requirement is different, contact Abbey Support to discuss how we can ensure your precious data is backed up efficiently.


Contact abbey Support here to discuss how we can integrate cloud services into your business.