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Call 020 8545 9660

Could you benefit from 20 years hands-on IT experience?


It’s amazing what tools are out there to help you make the most of your IT.

We have put together a selection of our favourite tools. For example, run a Free antivirus scan to check you are secure, send a large file by email or find out the real speed of your internet connection.

Free essential tools & utilities

AVG Free Antivirus
A free online virus scanner from award winning AVG

Malwarebytes Virus Scan
A free virus scanner from Malwarebytes. 
Download and run the free version if your believe you may of become victim of a virus.

Use to test your internet connection speed.
See if you are getting what you pay and identify how your supplier compares.

Test to see how quickly your password could be cracked
Many passwords can be hacked in seconds, test to see how quickly your favorite passwords could be breached

Password Generator – create complex password easily – stay secure
Stop using passwords that could be easily guessed or hacked.  Use the free Dashlane password generator to create complex passwords in seconds.

Check you public facing IP with
See the address your business connects to the internet from to troubleshoot remote access.

Fortinet Web Filter Lookup
For clients with Fortinet (Fortigate) firewalls, use this tool to check and see if Fortinet are blocking access to a website and what category it is classed as.

We Transfer – send large files for free
If you are struggling to email a file because it is too big, use We Transfer to send files up to 2GB to another person or group of people.

Has you account been breached?
Use the Have I Been Pawned checker to see if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.