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Call 020 8545 9660

Have you got the right IT solutions now to support your growth in the future?


Abbey Support offer scalable telecom, voice processing and data solutions that work for you.

In the 21st Century data and voice have converged. We provide impartial advice to give you the most efficient network including an honest review of existing systems and a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

One of the biggest advancements has been VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, the technology used to transmit voice conversations over an internal or external data network using IP packets (digital form); without loss in functionality, reliability or quality; and in compliance with the International Telecommunications Union specifications.

Benefits of VOIP

The major advantage is not paying per call. You still do pay for calls to PSTN numbers but you tend to pay less. Calls between your own offices across the country can all be free. As calls to other VoIP users are free your call costs are likely to go down as more people sign up for VoIP.

Employees spread all over the country working from branch offices (or even their homes) can all be given extensions of a single number with the ability to route calls between themselves. Customers are unaware that employees aren’t all in one central office location.

While having VoIP phones involves its own equipment it does dispense with the complexity, cost, and training that most PBX equipment demands.

New features
VoIP allows businesses to access new features they may not have enjoyed before e.g., video conferencing.

Integration (or “Convergence”)
You can better integrate your phones, voicemail, email, SMS, faxes and other communication.

You can get better stats on phone usage. For example, you can access remote phone users’ phone time and call lists.

Other solutions from Abbey Support include:

  • Traditional PBX installations with call logging, ACD, CTI and IVR functionality
  • 3G/4G Mobile and Data Contracts,
  • CAT 5/6 structured cabling