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    Protect Yourself From Fake Emails

    We are continually finding businesses struggling to avoid hostile acts by third parties. We have seen emails purporting to be from HMRC and other well known organisations arrive in our inbox and it is usually the fact that we are not the point of contact that raises our suspicions and stops us from opening it. We have seen 2 clients in the last 3 years get hit when the email was innocently forwarded from an internal member of staff, giving it legitimacy. This led the accounts team to open it and compromise the network.

    The image below is a recent example of a threat very easy to dismiss when it arrives in your desktop Outlook, but not so easy when it comes through to your phone.

    The key message to take away from this example is to install any free anti-virus, or even better a commercial anti-virus. Symantec, Sophos, or McAfee would be a sensible choice.

    As the sender’s address is visible, it’s clear that this email is not from Apple