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Supplementary terms for the supply of Hosted IP Telephony Services

The Services set out in this Supplement shall be supplied by Abbey Support Ltd to the Client on the terms and conditions set out in Abbey Support Ltd General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of this Supplement. All definitions set out in the General Terms and Conditions shall, unless otherwise specified below, have the same meaning when used in this Supplement.


1.1        ‘Access Services’   means either the   physical connection between the Client’s site and the   Core Network or a broadband service-based connection, neither of which, for the avoidance of doubt, are provided under the terms of this Supplement.

1.2        ‘Bundle’ means a subscription to additional features including monthly usage allowance, for defined Call types, to be used by the Client on a fair usage basis.

1.3        ‘Call’ means a signal, message or communication that is silent, spoken or visual on a Line that provided to the Client by Abbey Support Ltd under the terms of this Agreement.

1.4        ‘Calling Line Identity’ (‘CLI’) means the identity allocated to the originating Call.

1.5        ‘Communications Act’ means the Communications Act 2003 as amended by the Digital Economy Act 2010 and all other re-enactments.

1.6         ‘Core   Network’   means the   communications equipment and communication lines and circuits provided by Abbey Support Ltd excluding the Access Services, the Public Internet and the Customer Premises Equipment, for the provision of the Telephony Services.

1.7        ‘Customer  Premises Equipment’ (‘CPE’) means network equipment provided by  Abbey Support Ltd which  shall  be located at the  Client’s premises, including, but not limited to network terminating equipment, routers and media gateways.

1.8        ‘Emergency Call’ means a Call made to either ‘999’ or ‘112’.

1.9        ‘Emergency Maintenance’ means any period of maintenance for which, due to reasons beyond its reasonable control, Abbey Support Ltd is unable to provide prior notice of.

1.10      ‘Emergency Services Organisation’ means emergency service organisation including police, fire brigade and ambulance service.

1.11      ‘End User’ means a user of the Services subscribed to by the Client.

1.12      ‘Exchange’ means the local point of presence in the Core Network.

1.13      ‘General Conditions’ means the General Conditions of Entitlement set by Ofcom pursuant to its powers under the Communications Act.

1.14      ‘Hosted  Telephony Platform’ means the Core Network-located telephony exchange which provides full function telephony exchange functionality and routing for Calls.

1.15      ‘LAN’ means local area network situated at the Client’s site(s) and under the control of the Client.

1.16      ‘Line’ means connection that is provided to the Client by Abbey Support Ltd under the terms of this Agreement.

1.17      ‘Number Translation Services’ (‘NTS’) means the service to provide non-geographic numbers.

1.18      ‘Ofcom’ means the Office of Communications or any competent successor.

1.19      ‘PCI-DSS’ means the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

1.20      ‘Planned Maintenance’ means any period of maintenance for which Abbey Support Ltd has provided prior notice.

1.21      ‘PSTN Line’ means an analogue telephone Line that is connected to the public switched telephone network via the local loop.

1.22      ‘Public Internet’  means the  world-wide collection  of  private and public  router-based  networks that are interconnected via gateways and exchange points.

1.23      ‘Regulator’ means Ofcom or the organisation to which Ofcom has delegated its responsibility for the regulation of premium rate services, or any competent successor thereof.

1.24      ‘Service Limitations’ means the Service Limitations set out in the Order.

1.25      ‘Special Condition’ means any special conditions imposed by Ofcom pursuant to its powers under the Communications Act.

1.26      ‘Subscriber Number’ means the number(s) allocated by Abbey Support Ltd for use by the Client.

1.27      ‘Telephony Equipment’ means routers, switches and telephone handsets.

1.28      ‘Telephony Services’ means hosted IP-based telephony services.

1.29      ‘Toll Fraud’ means a crime where a third party obtains telecommunications services illegally, including but not limited to breaching network security and accessing telephony exchange services or using or selling long distance credit card codes.



2.1        This Agreement will be deemed to come into effect on acceptance of the Client’s Order by Abbey Support Ltd and shall run until the RFS Date (the ‘Run-Up Period’) and following the RFS Date for the Minimum Term as set out in the Order.

2.2        This Agreement shall continue to run after the expiry of the Minimum Term (or subsequent Additional Term) for an Additional Term.  The duration of the Additional Term shall be one year unless otherwise set out on the Order.  Abbey Support Ltd shall, not less than sixty days prior  to  the  end  of  the Minimum  Term  or  any  Additional Term  thereafter, notify  the  Client of changes to  charges and any other changes to the  terms of this Agreement. In the event that:

2.2.1     The  Client  serves notice to  terminate this  as per clause 9 hereof, this Agreement shall  terminate at the  end of  the  calendar month immediately  following  the  end  of  the  Minimum  Term  or  Additional Term  thereafter;

2.2.2     The  Client notifies  Abbey Support Ltd of acceptance of changes, the  Agreement shall continue in force for an  Additional Term;

2.2.3     The Client fails to notify  Abbey Support Ltd of acceptance of changes and fails to serve notice to terminate, such   failures  to  notify   Abbey Support Ltd shall   imply   that the   changes have been accepted  and  the Agreement shall continue in force for an  Additional Term.



3.1        The   Services comprise  Telephony Services and  support  services as  set   out   in  the   Order.  Abbey Support Ltd shall  use  reasonable endeavors to  provide the Services twenty-four hours per  day,  subject to the  limitations expressed in this Agreement.

3.2        Abbey Support Ltd shall  use  reasonable endeavors to  provide each of  the  Services set  out  in the  Order to  the Client, subject to acceptance of the  Client’s Order,  from  the  RFS Date. During  the  Run-Up  Period,  Abbey Support Ltd shall carry out the  necessary pre-service provision activities,  including site survey(s), installation work and agreement of the RFS Date with the  Client.

3.3        The Services provided shall include those of the  following  as set  out in the  Order:

3.3.1     The provision of hosted IP-based Telephony Services;

3.3.2     The provision of Subscriber Numbers and directory entries as specified by the  Client;

3.3.3     The porting of existing  geographic numbers (subject to the  existence of appropriate porting agreements);

3.3.4     The  provision of  services to  enable the  Client  to  make and receive Calls  via the  Hosted Telephony Platform, the  Public Internet and the  PSTN;

3.3.5     The provision of Number Translation Services;

3.3.6     The provision of helpdesk services during standard Abbey Support helpdesk hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5:30pm excluding Public Holidays;

3.3.7     If  set  out  on  the  Order,  installation  of Equipment at the  Client’s site(s) and the  provision of basic training in the  use  of the  Equipment and Services;

3.4        During the  term of this Agreement, Abbey Support Ltd shall be entitled to:

3.4.1     Change  the   technical  specification  of  the   Telephony  Services  for   operational  reasons, statutory or  regulatory  requirements  PROVIDED THAT such   changes do   not   materially adversely affect the  quality or performance of the  Telephony Services;

3.4.2     Make  alterations to the  Telephony Services (including, but  not  limited  to, conversions, shifts, renumbers and reconfigurations). Such alterations may result in temporary disruption to the Telephony Services and Abbey Support Ltd will use  reasonable endeavours to minimise such  disruption and will provide as much notice as possible.

3.4.3     For the  sole purpose of protecting the  Telephony Services, monitor the  profile  of Calls made and received using  the  Telephony Services for potential fraudulent or bad faith  use  and if in Abbey Support Ltd’s reasonable opinion,  such  Calls  are adversely affecting the  Telephony  Services, may suspend the provision of the Telephony Services.

3.5        In  addition to  its  obligations set  out  the  General  Terms and Conditions attached  hereto,  Abbey Support Ltd also warrants that it and its suppliers shall comply with the  General Conditions and any  Special Condition applicable under the  terms of the  Communications Act.

3.6        Abbey Support Ltd cannot  guarantee  and  does  not   warrant that  the   Telephony  Services  will  be   free   from interruptions,  including  but   not   limited   to   interruption  of  the   Services  for   operational  reasons, interruption of the  Telephony Services for  emergency reasons or  degradation of the  quality of the Telephony Services.



4.1        The  Client  agrees to  use   the  Services in  accordance with  the  provisions of  this  Agreement,  any relevant service literature and all other reasonable instructions issued by Abbey Support Ltd from  time  to time.

4.2        The Client agrees to ensure that the  Telephony Services are not  used by its End Users  to:

4.2.1     Make  abusive, defamatory, obscene, indecent, menacing, disruptive, nuisance or hoax  Calls, email or other communications;

4.2.2     Send  or  knowingly receive Calls, emails, uploads or  other communications in breach of the rights   of  third  parties,  including but  not  limited  to  those of  quiet  enjoyment,  privacy and copyright;

4.2.3     Send    or   knowingly receive  material  that   is   abusive,  defamatory,   obscene,   indecent, menacing or disruptive;

4.2.4     Send  or knowingly receive data in such  a way  or amount so as to adversely affect the  Core Network or  Hosted Telephony Platform (or  any  part thereof) which  underpins the  Services, its suppliers or third parties;

4.2.5     Carry out  any  fraudulent,  criminal  or  otherwise illegal  activity,  including but  not  limited  to Artificial Inflation of Traffic;

4.2.6     Enable  any other party or  service provider to  route Calls, emails or  other communications through Abbey Support Ltd’s Core  Network or Hosted Telephony Platform;

4.2.7     Obtain access to restricted areas of the  Core  Network;

4.2.8     In any  manner which in Abbey Support Ltd’s reasonable opinion  brings Abbey Support Ltd’s name into disrepute;

4.2.9     Engage   in   conduct  which   amounts  to   improper  or   persistent   misuse  of   a  public telecommunications network or  service within  the  meaning of  sections 127  and 128  of  the Communications Act;

4.2.10   Knowingly  make available or upload file that contain viruses,   malware or otherwise corrupt data;

4.2.11   Falsify  true  ownership of  software or  data contained in a file that the  Client  or  End  User makes available via the  Telephony Services;

4.2.12   Falsify user  information or forge addresses;

4.2.13   Act in any  way  which threatens the  security or integrity of any  computer system;

4.2.14   Violate   general standards  of  internet use,  including  but   not   limited   to  denial of  service attacks, web page defacement and port  or number scanning.



During the  term of this Agreement, the  Client shall:

5.1         Pay  all additional charges levied  by Abbey Support Ltd, including but  not  limited  to those arising from  Call charges incurred by the  Client:

5.1.1     The  Client  undertakes to  pay all  Call  Charges including  those  incurred by  unauthorised access to  or  use  of  the  Telephony Services,  including but  not  limited  to  use  of  unbarred premium rate numbers and rogue diallers.

5.2        Indemnify Abbey Support Ltd against all claims made by third parties arising from  faults in the  Telephony Services.

5.3        If  (beyond  Abbey Support Ltd’s reasonable  control) Calls  are  routed other than  by   Abbey Support Ltd’s Hosted  Telephony Platform:

5.3.1     Pay  invoice(s) raised by third party supplier(s);

5.3.2     Notify  Abbey Support Ltd immediately of any  invoices for services raised by  a third  party for  services that are covered by this Agreement.

5.4        Ensure that adequate resilience is in place in the  event of a power failure, including, but  not  limited  to having the means to make emergency calls.

5.5        Ensure that all reasonable measures to minimise Toll Fraud are made, as set  out in clause 12 hereof.

5.6        If the  Client has  subscribed to call recording services, the  Client shall:

5.6.1     Ensure full compliance with the  statutory requirements for the  use  of such  service;  and

5.6.2     Implement appropriate technical and organisational measures,  including pseudonymisation and minimisation of data in an  effective manner in order to meet the  requirements inter  alia of the  Data Protection Legislation and PCI-DSS;

5.6.3     Indemnify Abbey Support Ltd against any  claims made against the  Client which result from  the  use  of such service and / or the  Client’s non-compliance with sub-clauses 5.6.1 and 5.6.2.

5.7        Agree  that in all instances where it attaches Equipment that has  not  been provided by  Abbey Support Ltd to  the Telephony Services that  such   Equipment  shall  be   technically compatible  and  conforms  to  the relevant standard  or  approval for  the  time  being designated under the  Communications Act, the Radio  Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Regulations 2000 or any  instruction issued by Abbey Support Ltd in relation thereto.

5.8         Accept that if it attaches  Equipment that does not  comply with the  provisions of sub-clause 5.7 and such  Equipment in the  reasonable opinion  of Abbey Support Ltd is causing disruption to the  Telephony Services, Abbey Support Ltd shall be entitled to suspend the  provision of the  Telephony Services forthwith.

5.9        Provide a LAN at the  Client  site,  the  performance of which  conforms to  the  requirements for delivery of the  Telephony Services, as set  out in the  Annex to the  attached Service  Schedule.

5.10      Not copy,  reverse engineer or modify any  software or copy any manuals or documentation provided by Abbey Support Ltd under the  terms of this Agreement.

5.11      Co-operate reasonably with  Abbey Support Ltd’s supplier if the  supplier directly contacts  the  Client  to  make or change appointments or to request information in respect of an installation or Fault.

5.12      If the  Client subscribes to a service that provides music  on hold and the  Client uploads music  files, the Client agrees to  obtain all necessary  licenses and permissions as may be  required and indemnifies Abbey Support Ltd against any  and all  claims that may be  brought against Abbey Support Ltd resulting  from  the  use  of  such music  files.

5.13      Comply with  all  applicable  laws  and regulations, including,  but  not  limited  to  data protection and voice over  IP and codes of conduct, including but  not  limited to those issued by the  Regulator.

5.14      If the  Client elects to configure the  Telephony Equipment to present the  Calling Line Identity when  an outgoing Call is made, the  Client shall:

5.14.1   Ensure that the  CLI is of a national significant format, is allocated to the  Client and that the Client possess all necessary permissions in respect of the  Line;

5.14.2  Ensure that  if the  CLI  is  not  allocated to  the   Client,  the  Client  possesses  current written consent for its use  by the  allocated owner and if such  consent is revoked, immediately notify Abbey Support Ltd;

5.14.3  Ensure that under the  terms of the  CLI code of practice, the  CLI presented is allocated to the Client, is in use, connected to a terminal and is capable of receiving Calls;

5.14.4   Ensure that  the  functionality is  used in  accordance with  any   other  provisions of  the  CLI guidelines published by the  Regulator from  time  to time, and expressly the CLI shall not be:

  1. a) A premium rate number prefixed 09;
  2. b) A number that connects to  a revenue sharing number that generates excessive or unexpected Call charges.

5.15      If the  Client makes marketing calls  or  uses auto-diallers to  make Calls  via the  Telephony Services, the   Client  agrees to  comply  with  the   Privacy and  Electronic Communications Regulations  and guidelines issued by the  Regulator from  time  to time.

5.16      Acknowledge  that Abbey Support Ltd shall  be  entitled to  suspend or  terminate the  Services forthwith if the  Client breaches the  terms of sub-clause 5.15 or 5.16 and hereby indemnifies Abbey Support Ltd against any  claims arising from  such  breach.



During  the  term of this  Agreement,  and subject to  the  performance by  the  Client  of its obligations hereunder, Abbey Support Ltd shall:

6.1         Provide the  Services set  out  in this Agreement, subject to any  Service  Limitations set  out  in the  Order and Schedule.

6.2        Make   available a  helpdesk service that  shall   provide support  and  guidance  in  the   use   of  the Telephony Services and manage the  resolution of all Services-related Incidents raised by the  Client.

6.3         Respond to  fault  reports made by  the  Client and make reasonable endeavors to  repair any  fault that  is   within   the    Telephony   Services   or   directly  caused   by   Abbey Support Ltd,   its   employees,   agents, subcontractors or suppliers:

6.4         Make  reasonable endeavors to provide the  Telephony Services by the  RFS Date, but  shall have no liability in the  event of failure to do so.

6.5         Make  reasonable endeavors to  provide reasonable  notice of  any  bona fide  restriction which,  for operational reasons Abbey Support Ltd may place on the  Telephony Services.

6.6        Comply with the  Client’s requirements regarding telephone directory listing, if set  out in the  Order.

6.7         Subject to the  appropriate number porting agreements being in place, make reasonable endeavors to comply with the  Client’s requests for number porting and sub-allocation.



7.1        The  Client  agrees to  indemnify, defend and  hold  harmless Abbey Support Ltd from   and against any liabilities, actions, losses damages,  judgements, costs, fines,  claims or  expenses incurred by  Abbey Support Ltd or  legal proceedings which are brought or threatened against Abbey Support Ltd by a third party in the  event of:

7.1.1     The  Telephony  Services being used in breach of  the  acceptable uses set  out  in Clause  4 hereof, except where such  a breach results from  fraud by Abbey Support Ltd;

7.1.2     The Client being or having been in breach of sub-clause 5.7 hereof;

7.1.3     Any fraud except by Abbey Support Ltd;

7.1.4     The  Client  not  having given  permission for  Abbey Support Ltd, its  subcontractor or  supplier to  carry out work at the  Client’s site.

7.2        If Abbey Support Ltd becomes aware of any  claim  as set  out in sub-clause 7.1 it shall:

7.2.1     As soon as reasonably practical, notify  the  Client of such  claim;

7.2.2     Make  no  admission relating  to  such  claim  or  legal  proceedings without  agreement of  the Client, such  agreement not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld;

7.2.3     Consult  with  the  Client  regarding the  conduct of  any action and have due  regard for  the Client’s  representations and  not   agree any   settlement,  legal   proceedings  or  make any payment by  way  of  liquidated damages  without  the  prior  written  agreement of  the  Client, such  agreement not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld.

7.3        Each  party  to this Agreement will fully indemnify and hold  harmless the  other from  any  claim  or liability whatsoever from  a third  party arising directly or indirectly from  the  failure  of one  of the  first parties to  obtain or  maintain any  of  the  licences, approvals, authorisations  or  consents from within this agreement and any previously subscribed General Terms and Conditions.

7.4        Abbey Support Ltd will indemnify the  Client  against all  claims and proceedings arising from  infringement of  any intellectual property  rights   by  reason of  Abbey Support Ltd’s provision of  the  Services to  the  Client,  PROVIDED always that such  claims or proceedings are not caused by the  Client:

7.4.1     Using  the  Telephony Services in conjunction with other Equipment or software or any other service not approved by Abbey Support Ltd;

7.4.2     Modifying   or  altering  any   Equipment  or  configuration  thereof  without   the   prior   written consent of Abbey Support Ltd;

7.4.3     Using   the   Telephony  Services  otherwise  than   in   accordance  with   the   terms  of   this Agreement.



8.1        Upon  written notice given  by Abbey Support Ltd’s supplier, Abbey Support Ltd’s rights  and obligations, including all accrued rights and obligations, shall be assigned and transferred to Abbey Support Ltd or to its nominee.

8.2        Abbey Support Ltd has   no  control  over   the   data  delivered to  the   Client  over   the   internet.

8.3        If an  appointment is made with the  Client  for  a visit to  site  and that at the  appointed time  Abbey Support Ltd is unable to access the  Client’s site, or the  appointment is otherwise broken by the  Client, Abbey Support Ltd shall  be entitled to charge the  Client for the visit; and

8.3.1     If Client breaks an  appointment for the  installation of Equipment and fails to agree a further installation  date which  falls  within  thirty  days of  the  date of  the  broken appointment, Abbey Support Ltd shall be entitled to terminate this agreement and recover costs as set  out in clause 10.

8.4        If  Abbey Support Ltd carries  out   work   in  response  to   a fault   reported  by   the   Client  and  Abbey Support Ltd subsequently determines that such  fault  either was not  present or was caused by an  act  or omission of the  Client, Abbey Support Ltd shall be entitled to charge the  Client for the rectification work including labour, hardware and software fees as applicable.

8.5        Abbey Support Ltd shall  not  be  responsible for  the  programming,  configuration  or  management of  the  Customer Premises Equipment that has  not been provided by Abbey Support Ltd.

8.6        Abbey Support Ltd may at its sole discretion implement traffic  management measures, which may include,  but  are not  limited  to  bandwidth restrictions on  heavy users of  contended  services, with  the  purpose of maintaining the quality of service of the wider group of users of the  Telephony Services.

8.7        If  Abbey Support Ltd receives  notification of  a copyright infringement report, a request  to  provide a  copyright infringement list, an  order to  impose a technical restriction or  any  other notice,  request or  order made under the  Communications Act, the  Client  will do  everything reasonably required by  Abbey Support Ltd to ensure that Abbey Support Ltd will be  in compliance with their  respective obligations under the  provisions of  the Communications Act and any  code adopted by Ofcom in respect of the  provision of the Services.



9.1        This agreement may  be terminated:

9.1.1     By either party by giving the  other not  less  than sixty days’  notice in writing to terminate at the  end  of the  Minimum Term  or at the  end  of any  Additional Term  thereafter;

9.1.2     By the  Client by giving  twenty one  days’ notice in writing  if Abbey Support Ltd makes changes to the  terms of this Agreement which  are materially disadvantageous to  the  Client (for  the  avoidance of doubt, not  including changes  to charges) PROVIDED THAT such  notice is given  within twenty eight  days of the  effective date of the change(s).

9.1.3     Forthwith by either party during the  Run-Up  Period if Abbey Support Ltd discovers technical issues including location of the  Client’s site, which  prevent it from  being able to  provide the  Services or part thereof;

9.1.4     By Abbey Support Ltd if its supplier ceases to provide the  Services.

9.2        In the  event of termination of this agreement, howsoever occasioned, the  Client shall  be  responsible for:

9.2.1     Arranging for services to be provided by an  alternative supplier;  and

9.2.2     Payment of any  charges due  to  Abbey Support Ltd arising from  the  Client’s failure to arrange for  services to be provided by an  alternative supplier.

9.3        On  termination, all  Subscriber Numbers allocated to  the  Client  under the  terms of  this  Agreement shall  be  transferred to  Abbey Support Ltd and subject to  the  appropriate number porting agreements  that are in place, may be transferrable to the  Client’s new supplier.



10.1     In general, invoices for  installation and setup, including number porting and sub  allocation,  shall  be raised by  Abbey Support Ltd in advance of the Commencement Date,  invoices for  fixed  periodic charges shall  be  raised in advance of the  relevant period and invoices for all Call Charges, whether incurred with the  authorisation of the  Client or not  and any  other incurred charges, during the  relevant period shall be raised in arrears. The invoicing period is set  out in the  Order.

10.2      Abbey Support Ltd shall commence charging for the  Telephony Services from  the  RFS Date, regardless of the  date on which the  Client commences use  of the  Telephony Services.  If the  RFS Date does not  correspond with Abbey Support Ltd’s invoicing  period as set  out  in the  Order,  Abbey Support Ltd shall  charge the  Client at a pro-rata rate for the  first invoicing period.

10.3      Except  in the  case of  demonstrable error,  all  charges will  be  calculated in accordance with  data collected by or on behalf of Abbey Support Ltd.

10.4      Charging for  a Call  shall  commence from   when  an answer signal is received and cease when  a release signal  is received.

10.5      Call charges are based on  number of seconds duration, rounded up. Call charges are set  out  in the Order.

10.6      Calls made by the  Client to numbers prefixed 0800, 0808, 03 and 0500 will be free  of charge.

10.7      The  Client acknowledges  that the  prices quoted in Abbey Support Ltd’s literature and on  the  Order are estimates based on the  rates prevailing at the  time  the  Order is placed and as such  are subject to change and the  rate charged will be the  rate in force at the  RFS Date.

10.8      The   Client   acknowledges that  the   charges  for   the   Minimum   Term   are  calculated by   Abbey Support Ltd in consideration inter  alia of the  setup costs to be incurred by Abbey Support Ltd and the  length of the  Minimum Term offered.

10.9      The  Client agrees that the  Client shall  be  liable  for  termination charges, which  shall  be  paid  by  way liquidated damages in the  event that:

10.9.1    The  Client terminates this Agreement at convenience prior  to the  end  of the  Minimum  Term or  Abbey Support Ltd terminates this  Agreement  prior  to  the  end  of the  Minimum  Term  by  reason of the Client’s un-remedied breach of the  terms of this Agreement, the  Client shall be liable for:

a) Payment of all  outstanding  installation charges,  including repayment  of  any   discount that may have been applied;

b) Payment of all Services charges  including Bundles and Equipment rental charges  due  up to the  end  of the  Minimum Term;

10.9.2  The Client terminates this Agreement at convenience prior  to the  end  of any  Additional Term or Abbey Support Ltd terminates this Agreement prior  to the  end  of any  Additional Term  by  reason of the Client’s un-remedied breach of this Agreement, the  Client shall be liable for:

a) Payment of all Services charges including Bundles and Equipment rental charges  due  to the  end  of the  current Additional Term;

10.10   The Client shall not be liable for termination charges if this Agreement is terminated by:

10.10.1               The Client at the  end  of the  Minimum  Term  or end  of any  Additional Term  PROVIDED THAT the  Client  properly serves written  notice to  terminate,  in accordance with  Clause  9 of  this Supplement and Clause 11 of the  General Terms and Conditions;

10.10.2               The  Client or  Abbey Support Ltd during the  Run-Up  Period by  reason of Abbey Support Ltd becoming aware that will be unable to provide the  Services or part thereof;

10.10.3 Abbey Support Ltd at any time  if it can  no longer provide the Services or part thereof;

10.10.4               The Client by reason of Abbey Support Ltd’s un-remedied breach of the  terms of this Agreement;

10.10.5               The Client if Abbey Support Ltd or its supplier makes changes to  the  Services which  materially adversely affect the  Client;

10.10.6               The Client if Abbey Support Ltd  makes  changes  the   terms  of   this   Agreement   which   are  materially disadvantageous to  the  Client  PROVIDED THAT the  Client  complies with  the  provisions of sub-clause 9.1.2 hereof.

10.11    The  Client acknowledges and agrees that all Calls that are routed through Abbey Support Ltd’s Hosted Telephony Platform shall  be  charged by  Abbey Support Ltd and if Calls  are routed through any  other supplier’s network by any  means of indirect access, the  Client shall be  solely  responsible for  payment of other supplier’s Call charges.



11.1      The  provision of  these Services by  Abbey Support Ltd is contingent upon the  Client  receiving Access  Services at each of its sites, but is regardless of the  Client’s current service provider for such  services.

11.2     The  Client accepts that certain features of the  Services (as  described in the  Schedule) may not  be available at all sites  due  to technical and or geographical reasons, and that such  limitations may not be  realised until after commencement of the  Telephony  Services.  In  such  circumstances  Abbey Support Ltd shall, having exhausted all reasonable alternatives, be  entitled to withdraw the  provision of the  Telephony Services, or Service  Components thereof, from  the  affected site(s).

11.3      The  Client acknowledges that some number ranges may not  be  supported by  Abbey Support Ltd and may not  be used in conjunction with the  Telephony Services and that the  porting of numbers may be  subject to agreements that are or are not  in place between Abbey Support Ltd’s supplier and the  previous or current number range holder.

11.4      Under the  terms of this Agreement,  Abbey Support Ltd shall  have no  responsibility for, or liability in relation to  the Client’s LAN and the performance thereof.

11.5     The  Client  acknowledges  and agrees that Abbey Support Ltd shall  be  entitled to  withdraw any  CLI that has  been allocated to the  Client but has  remained unused for a period of three months; and the  Client agrees:

11.5.1   Not to redirect any  unused CLIs to live CLI, fax, voicemail or recorded message services;

11.5.2   That Abbey Support Ltd or its supplier shall be entitled to check that allocated CLIs are in proper use.



12.1      The Client is exclusively responsible for the prevention of Toll Fraud.

12.2      The Client shall pay all Rental and Call Charges whether the  Client or a third party incurs  the  charges (without the  authorisation of the  Client).

12.3      The  Client is exclusively responsible for  the  prevention of Toll Fraud, and if such  Toll Fraud or other misuse occurs, the  Client is liable for all charges incurred.

12.4      The Client agrees to take all reasonable measures to minimise the  risk of Toll Fraud, including:

12.4.1   Regularly changing system passwords;

12.4.2   Regularly changing user passwords;

12.4.3   Changing passwords as appropriate when  employees leave;

12.4.4    Not   using   passwords  such   as  ‘0000’,   ‘1234’,   default  passwords  or   reversed  extension numbers;

12.4.5   Barring premium-rate numbers wherever practicable;

12.4.6    Barring international calls  wherever practicable – in particular, barring calls  to countries that the  Client doesn’t deal with;

12.4.7  Implementing   network  security  measures   including firewalls,   security  policies   / access restrictions, use  of encryption and limiting physical access.

12.4.8    Ensuring that  any   software used in conjunction with  the  Telephony  Services is tested for malware including viruses,  Trojan’s, logic bombs and worms.

12.4.9    Ensuring that  the   Client’s  LAN and any   equipment connected  thereto  is  fully  protected against al known  vulnerabilities.

12.5      Abbey Support Ltd shall not be liable for any  losses, costs or damages arising from  Toll Fraud.

12.6      The  Client shall  notify  Abbey Support Ltd immediately if it becomes aware of  or  has  reasonable suspicion that a fraud or illegal misuse may have or will take place:

12.6.1    Upon  notification, Abbey Support Ltd shall  take immediate steps to  suspend the  relevant part or  parts of the  Telephony Services and ensure that no further traffic  is permitted on the  relevant Lines;

12.6.2    Abbey Support Ltd shall  not   be  liable  for  any   charges or  liabilities  incurred by  the   Client  prior   to  the suspension of Telephony Services.

12.7      If, in the  reasonable opinion  of  Abbey Support Ltd, the  Client’s Call  profile  is or  becomes  indicative of  fraudulent activity, Abbey Support Ltd shall be entitled to suspend the Telephony Services immediately without  notice.



13.1      The point  of connection for the  Telephony Services is the  Client-LAN facing port(s) on the  CPE router. Abbey Support Ltd shall not be responsible for transport of data to telephone handsets via the  Client’s LAN.

13.2      Charges for  the  rental of  Equipment shall  commence on  the  day that the  Equipment has   been installed at the  Client’s site.

13.3      The  Client  acknowledges  that Abbey Support Ltd’s Telephony  Services are not  a public  telephony service and as such  only  confers limited  functionality and resilience regarding public  Emergency Calls. Specifically, but  not  exclusively 999 and 112 emergency numbers will not  be  available via the  Telephony Services in the  event of:

13.3.1   Power  outage at the  Client’s site;

13.3.2   Failure  in the  Client’s LAN;

13.3.3   Failure  / outage of the Telephony Services;

13.3.4   Failure  of the  Public Internet.

13.4      With regards to its obligations to make available facilities for placement of public Emergency Calls, the Client undertakes to:

13.4.1    Maintain a PSTN Line for making Emergency Calls in the event of power outage or  failure (howsoever occasioned) of the Telephony Services;

13.4.2    Provide Abbey Support Ltd with accurate location details regarding each Telephony Services-based CLI and keep Abbey Support Ltd up to date with changes to such  details;

13.4.3    Instruct its End Users  about the  limitations of IP-based telephony including that Emergency Calls  may not  receive the  same  network priority   as Emergency Calls  made on  PSTN  or mobile  networks  and   the   End   User’s   obligation  to   provide  clear,   accurate  location information (which  may differ  from  that available  to  the  emergency-services operator) in the  event of making a call to the  emergency services via the  Telephony Services